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Banner Policy


The following policy refers to the placement of Senior banners on the fence leading into Burlington High School hereinafter referred to as “the  driveway” 


Placement - 


  • Only Seniors will be displayed on the fence 

  • Banners may be hung on the outside of the fence down the driveway of the high school facing the driveway starting not before the 6th fence panel from the top of Cambridge Street.

  • No Senior Athletic Banner can be hung on the fence without first notifying the Athletic Boosters at of the dates they will be going up on the fence. 

  • Banners may be displayed for a maximum period of 3 weeks on the fence.  In addition, Banners may be displayed in the Gym or place of play (as allowed by the governing body of the venue) for the entirety of the season if desired.  

  • All teams will have the option to hang banners on the fence or opt for another location on school grounds such as the place of play based on team and coach choice.  

  • Banners placed outside of school grounds will be subject to rules and restrictions of the place of play and outside of the Athletic Department and Boosters.

  • **Banners can not be hung on the fence running alongside Cambridge Street under any circumstances


Size -

  • Maximum size to be no more than 27"X40" to be displayed on the fence


Opt out -

  • All players will have the option to opt out of having their banner displayed on the fence or remove or change any identifying information as chosen. Name and identifying information changes must be noted when ordering banners.

Banner can be ordered through the Boosters here

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