Burlington High School Athletic Booster Club

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Open to the community, join us at the BHS Health Room 
(classroom above gym)
October 17
November 14
December 12
January 9
February 13
March 12
April 9
May 14
June 11

Join the 2019 - 2020 BHS Athletic Booster Club Board 

2018-2019 Current officers:  

President:  Jeanne McDonald

Vice President:  Vacancy

Treasurer:  Lisa Mackinnon

Secretary: Laura Pinkham

Membership:  Doreen Began & Treacy Janis

Essential Booster Club Officers

  • President - Open Co-president to transition for solo position 2020-2021
    • Club leadership, mission development, administrative liaison, executive (rule enforcing) officer
    • Typically acts as liaison between the club and the school administration
  • VP  Open Position for 2019-2020
    • Organizes the leaders of various committees, and helps to make the behind-the-scenes needs happen
    • Takes over interim duties of the President if the President is unavailable

Common or Specialized Booster Club Officers

  • Membership/Recruitment Officer
    • A membership or recruitment officer hosts regular social events and membership drives to attract potential volunteers and permanent members.
  • Communication Officer Open Position for 2019-2020
    • Separate from the secretary, having a dedicated communications officer means putting a stronger emphasis on marketing for events, fundraisers, recruitment, as well as maintaining a presence on social media
  • Fundraising/Event Planning Officer Open Position for 2019-2020
    • While the Treasurer may handle finances, fundraising as a goal throughout the year is best handled by an officer who can dedicate their time specifically to event planning, recruiting volunteers, and marketing
The Burlington High School Athletic Booster Club is a non-profit organization comprised of dedicated parents, guardians, alumni, coaches, teachers, school administrators, and community members. The Athletic Booster Club supports ALL teams and athletes at BHS.

· To develop student and community interest in all Burlington High School sports activities and to promote a superior athletic program with a focus on the student athlete.

· To promote interest and attendance at all Burlington HS events and competitions.

· To conceive, create and develop ideas, projects and other assistance to further the athletic program and to improve the athletic facilities at BHS with a focus on the student athlete.


· To be organized and operated exclusively for the charitable and educational purposes related to the BHS student athletes.

· To help maintain and improve communications and cooperation between and among parents, coaches, teachers, students, student athletes, athletic director and administrators for the advancement and improvement of the BHS athletic program.

· To raise funds to be utilized for supporting student athletes and the athletic programs and facilities