Burlington High School 
All Sport Athletic Booster Club

  Red Devils

Banners are a team favorite and a great way to celebrate your seniors.  Whether they are hanging on the fence, in the gym on our your home field or court, the kids love them!  The boosters has hired Brogen Photography to come to the high school at the begining of each season to take photos of every senior as well as any underclassman that would like to have their photo taken.  Athletes will recieve a low res copy of the photo to share on social media sites.  Banners can be purchased on our home page.  

Team Dinners, nothing bonds a team like sitting down for a meal together and a bonded team can't be beat! The boosters can help you set up team dinners at the school cafeteria and get you a discount on pizza, but location and food choice is up to you.  Its suggested asking each player donate some money towards the cost of the meal. 

Decorating, Its crazy how much the kids love having their name and number scribbled all over their car or toliet paper in the trees. We can help connect you with other teams so the kids can enjoy both the fun of decorating for someone else and your athletes can wake up on a game day to see a surpise in the yard.  Teams who would like to decorate the fence can request and pick up cups from the athletic office. Please note cups need to be removed and returned to the athletic department in a timely manner.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!  You'll thank us later.  tell your parents at the begining of the seaon to take as many photos as possible during the season and send them to you and the boosters.  This will come in handy at your end of the season banquets when you need to put together a slide show.  Be sure to include Freshman and JV teams and parents as well.  If you need help with the slide show let us know and we can put you in touch with Madison Doherty who does a fantastic job!

Encourage younger parents to help out.  Do yourself and them a favor, and don't do it all yourself.  Ask for underclassmen parents help!  You want to enjoy your players last year and not be buried in extra work and someday those underclassmen mom and dads will be senior parents and the more they know the better they will do.  Don't be afraid to reach out, lots of parents want to get involved and help out they just don't know how or don't want to overstep.  Let them know their help is appreciated.  Its a great way to bond the parents as well, and we all know you can't find better friends or family than the people that sit beside you in the stands!

Senior Night! Its hard to beleive it but all the fun will eventually come to an end. Commemorate the moment with a night dedicated just to the seniors. Pick a home game with coaches approval to honor and celebrate the seniors. Have flowers (and Kleenex) available for athletes to give to their parents when they are called out. Individual Banners with the senior photos to be hung up around field or gym.  Reach out to the boosters to let us know what night you've picked and we can provide concessions and promote your night.  

End the season on a high note!

Each team typically has an end of the season banquet which includes all levels of the team.  It is usually at this banquet that the coach hands out awards, Varsity letters, Participation certificates, etc. to all athletes.  This event can be held at a restaurant or other place of your choosing.  Some traditions that take place at this banquet are, team video using pictures from the season, coaches gifts, Senior gifts, Speeches by coaches and its also a good time to have the seniors give a speech to thank the coaches.

Show me the money! We know that none of these things can happen without funds.  Boosters is working hard to bring fundraising opportunities for our teams.  In the meantime funds can be collected from parents to cover the costs of the banquet, gifts decorations, etc. 

Communication is key!  Start an email, text chain, or facebook group to share info with families.  Its a great way to let parents know important information like scheduling changes, upcoming events, etc.   

Let Boosters Help, we are like first time parents, we want to show all the pictures and share every little detail of all the amazing things our athletes and teams are doing!!  We just have 35 babies so as hard as we try, we miss things and are probably running on no sleep, lol. 

 Let us know about upcoming games, fundraisers, email us pictures, scores, wins, losses, or any team info to BHSBoostersmedia@gmail.com or message us through the facebook page.  

We want to feed you!  We try to get to as many games as we can but if you'd like the concession stand open for a game or event let us know, Email us at BHSBoosters01803@gmail.com.  Please give as much notice as possible and we will do our best to make sure we can set up concessions for the game. 

We can also keep our players out of the elements, Boosters has tents available upon request if desired for rainy or sunny games or other events - Please email BHSBoosters01803@gmail.com to request

Have a suggestion?  Let us know, we have a hard working board and great volunteers, we are alway looking for ways to make things better, but we do run out of ideas.  We'll do our best to make your ideas a reality!

We've created a group just for you and us.  Need ideas, have questions, get real time info on events like the senior picture date and other items?  Join the Burlington High School Team Parents group on facebook.  This group is maintained by the Boosters and for any team parent that wants to get involved and help take the team experiance to another level!!