Burlington High School 
All Sport Athletic Booster Club

  Red Devils

What is the Booster Boost? 

The Booster Boost is a fund set up by the Booster Club to assit students who are in financially adverse situations have what they need to be successfull in their chosen sport.  

When funding allows the Boosters is committed to helping our athletes where we can. Some items that can be provided are mandated or coach recommended gear or equipment, groceries, and other personal needs.

If you are an athlete in need or know of an athlete that could use a boost please complete the application below. 

Funding for the Booster Boost does not come from membership.  Funds are raised through direct donations and specific fundraising and events such as the sports equipment donation drive.   If you would like to help an athlete in need please use the link below to make a direct donation. 

Boosters can also accept gift cards for restaraunts, grocery stores, etc to be used to help athletes in need.  Gift Certificates can be mailed to us at PO Box 220, Burlington, MA or you can make arrangements to have them picked up by emailing bhsboosters01803@gmail.com.  

Thank you for your support!