Burlington High School Athletic Booster Club

  Red Devils

The Burlington High School Athletic Booster Club is a non-profit organization comprised of dedicated parents, guardians, alumni, coaches, teachers, school administrators, and community members. The Athletic Booster Club supports ALL teams and athletes at BHS.

· To develop student and community interest in all Burlington High School sports activities and to promote a superior athletic program with a focus on the student athlete.

· To promote interest and attendance at all Burlington HS events and competitions.

· To conceive, create and develop ideas, projects and other assistance to further the athletic program and to improve the athletic facilities at BHS with a focus on the student athlete.


· To be organized and operated exclusively for the charitable and educational purposes related to the BHS student athletes.

· To help maintain and improve communications and cooperation between and among parents, coaches, teachers, students, student athletes, athletic director and administrators for the advancement and improvement of the BHS athletic program.

· To raise funds to be utilized for supporting student athletes and the athletic programs and facilities